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WaterTile Ambient Rain Overhead Showering Panel from Kohler

A united design that mixes washes of color and water, the Kohler WaterTile Ambient Rain overhead showering panel makes showering an ever changing experience. Incorporating four shower heads in each panel, the WaterTile Ambient Rain fires an impressive 216 jets of fine water over the user. By widely spacing the WaterTiles the Kohler shower offers a broad coverage of refreshing falling water. Surrounding the Vibrant Brushed Nickel tiles is a wide square of translucent colour, that bathes you in mood-enhancing chromatherapy. From bold reds and warm golds to cool greens and blues, the Kohler overhead shower panels reflect and soothe your emotions and mind. A wonderful flush mounted ceiling fixture that releases color and rain from above, the Kohler WaterTile Ambient Rain overhead showering panel offers luxury in a modern clean style. Buy it for a price of $1,999.


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