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Waterfall Faucet by Frisone – new C3 & CD3 bathroom faucet designs

frisone waterfall faucet c3
Experience the lively exuberance of a waterfall everyday with the new C3 and CD3 bathroom faucet designs, carefully designed waterfall faucets from Frisone. It’s easy to appreciate the magic of flowing water with the waterfall faucet: the spout is open at the top. The C3 features a handle with an easy to use lever; the CD3 has a more compact and minimal handle. Both come as mixer taps, either free standing or wall-mounted. With simple geometric shapes, the style lets the beauty of water draw the attention, allowing the waterfall to calm and inspire. Bring the refined and urbane waterfall faucet from Frisone into your life for an enhanced bathing experience.



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