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Kitchen Water Purifier Vaarenta

The Vaarenta water purifier is pure perfection. The recipient of a coveted 2010 Red Dot product design award, this water purifier designed by Kyoung Boo Hwang and Matt Day of HaA Design is hot! Great for preparing food and drinks, this compact design was made to suit smaller Asian kitchens and translates beautifully into any modern, compact home. The minimalist aesthetic will complement any kitchen, featuring an elongated, anthracite body topped by a glossy white ceramic lid. A swivel faucet makes prep less of a chore, and a tubular water jet introduces additional carbonic acid to the stream. Further adding function to fashion, the faucet features a light that indicates both temperature and whether carbonic acid is optimally injected into the water. Check out the Vaarenta water purifier here.



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