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Water Feature Ideas from Mesa Garden Studio

Looking for interesting water feature ideas? We spotted these unusual water features designed by Mesa Garden Studio. Mesa’s House by the Creek is a picture of elegance and unique design. The deck turns into a modern, contemporary waterfall that drops off into a shallow pool that adds depth to the deck surroundings. The pool is subtle at the top and almost invisible… but when the water drops off the shelf into the bottom pool, it adds a Romanesque feature to the landscaping.

Another water feature idea is Mesa’s ReyRosa raw concrete water trough. The modular and modern shape of the trough adds a contemporary spin to the traditional idea. This is such a unique way of looking at a water trough. Whether it’s used solely to collect rain water, or to provide water for animals, the modern concrete water trough deserves praise for the innovative and exaggerated design. For more water feature ideas visit Mesa Garden Studio.


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