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Washbasin made of Lithoverde eco-compatible stone by Salvatori

salvatori washbasin lithoverde 1 Washbasin made of Lithoverde eco compatible stone by Salvatori
Sure, ceramic is nice… but why not think outside the box and try something different in your bathroom, like this washbasin made of Lithoverde eco-compatible stone by Salvatori. Lithoverde is a new compound (99% waste materials from the production of marble and stone and 1% natural resin used as an adhesive) which scores high on the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) evaluation scale. With a total respect for the environment, designer Rodolfo Dordoni really gets down to earth with this natural stone collection, which includes the washbasin, bathtub, shower tray, mirror and lighting. But the distinctive washbasin is the star of the show, lending the bathroom an industrial-chic aesthetic, with its flat, slim stone slabs, geometric shapes and a strong vertical and horizontal presence. Coupled with contrasting materials like wood and chromed steel, the collection is contemporary cool. Check it out by visiting Salvatori.



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