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Kohler Crevasse Prep Sink – integrated garbage disposal and touch control!

Kohler Crevasse prep sink with a touch control
A fantastic timesaver for avid cooks, the Crevasse Prep Sink by Kohler will wash any food wastage down the drain with no further ado! The integrated garbage disposal and rinsing action of the sink is operated by a simple button control. And it looks great too… the sink is of stainless steel construction, with two buttons on a small stainless steel panel located nearby. At the touch of a button you can select a quick release of water, or a more powerful flow to activate the disposal unit as well. A futuristic touch is incorporated into the clean lines of the sink – a constant blue light indicates the rinse action is underway – a flashing blue light means the garbage disposal is in operation. Even cleverer than that: the button operation is only activated by a human touch to ensure that it is not accidentally triggered by a misplaced pan or the like. The 33 inch sink is great for large or small areas, and is available now from Kohler.
via Dvice
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Kohler Crevasse prep sink works as a garbage disposal unit too

Kohler Crevasse prep sink


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