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Walker Zanger Matouche Porcelain Tiles – the Art Deco tile design

Walker Zanger porcelain tiles have a luxurious, elegant quality that will beg to be touched. The Matouche Collection is a porcelain tile series that emulates various organic textures. This unique line puts an opulent Art Deco spin on classic modern style, with rich textures like Croco (crocodile), Elph (elephant), Peau (reptile), and Cuir (distressed leather). These tiles are available in Chambon (black), Tabac (brown), and Ivoire (ivory), making them even more versatile as a design feature. Produced in 24-inch by 24-inch tiles, these pieces can be used to anchor a design or as accents. Durability is also a consideration, as these porcelain tiles are virtually maintenance-free. Walker Zanger


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