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Unique Wadi Penthouse is Full of Surprises

Platau-renovated Wadi penthouse in Beirut’s Wadi Abu Jamil district is one the most unusual penthouses you’ll ever see. It’s not overly spacious or lavishly decorated, but its design is so full of creativity, you just have to see it for yourself.

Taking advantage of pliability of wood, the architects went away from strict lines and proportions to create something completely different.

Floating staircase is the crowning jewel of this loft’s design
Wooden walls hide plenty of stuff with inbuilt storage

That mezzanine, to the side of the dining room, is a true architectural masterpiece. A white floating staircase is the first thing that catches the eye, but at a closer inspection, you can see its walls slide and curve off their usual straight course.

A metal staircase structure is a great contrast to the light wood that continues to clad a neighboring room. Dining room doors fit with the mezzanine design well. The wood element continues throughout the entire penthouse interior, in fact.

The rest of the rooms being less dramatic only strengthens the impression from the mezzanine. Kitchen, bedroom, and home cinema look positively contemporary, though a dining room boasts a statement table and a chandelier.

Atop the curious mezzanine, there is a small media area with more storage that neatly takes every form those curvy walls create.

Unique Wadi Penthouse in Beirut, Lebanon

Uneven walls bring a different kind of dynamic to the living space
There’s enough space underneath both to fit a reading nook or a kids play area
Even handles make a statement with their design
Organic curves look just a tiny bit surreal
Staircase structure is filled with light thanks to its design
Media loft is a great way to escape reality with a few hours of favorite television
Wooden walls look surprisingly cool and contemporary
Slat double door separates different zones, creating the sense of rooms
Beautiful details in wood
A dining room filled with light, interesting furniture, and plenty of space
Each room and zone have its special lighting fixture
Wooden walls hide plenty of stuf with inbuilt storage
Both the mezzanine and staircase overlook a spacious living area with a wall full of glass
White kitchen benefits from a dark contrast of black cabinets and chairs and echoes the rest of the interior with a thick wooden countertop
Home cinema doesn’t have to be realistic but it has to be stylish
Leather bed frame and headboard is a focal point of a wood-clad bedroom
Hallway corners are not your typical shade-filled pockets of shoes

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