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Vintage Washbasin Bicy by Regia is Basin-bike

This vintage washbasin is actually a basin bike – Bicy by Regia. The bike appears to be a Pashley Princess Classic in black with leather grips, fully accessorized with basket and pump. This is an actual product sold in stores – it’s not just a display piece. And wouldn’t it be a conversation starter? What an unusual bathroom basin! And using the classic wicker basket as a towel rack – how clever is that? It’s Shabby Chic, vintage and classic all rolled into one. Part of the Arcade Collection, Bicy will give your bathroom a totally different character. And positioning is flexible so it will almost fit any space. Isn’t it incredible how Regia has managed to take an object that is so removed from the bathroom – a bicycle – and make it look like it was meant to be there?



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