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Vintage Mohair Rugs by Golran

vintage mohair rugs golran 1 thumb 630xauto 35023 Vintage Mohair Rugs by Golran

Rugs are an awesome way to express personality in a room and what better way to do this then with one of a kind vintage rugs that have been reinterpreted into a modern day art form through the process of decolourisation and re-dyeing with monochromatic vegetal dyes. The Golran collection vintage mohair rugs use this process to create stunning expressions of either bold bright colours or natural tones and pastels. Love the idea of this Jack and Jill rug with potent pink hand knotted on one half and Cerulean blue on the other.

vintage mohair rugs golran 2 thumb 630xauto 35025 Vintage Mohair Rugs by Golran

For a more industrial aesthetic, this smoky pattern of greys with random hand tufting of cayenne would look pretty awesome in a loft with brick walls and concrete floors. I love how the decolourising/redyeing process creates an uneven striation within the background colour while the original pattern emerges in a hazy shadow of its former self.


Each yarn and each weave has a different reaction to the decolouration and dyeing process making the final effect almost accidental – much the same way a garden will always surprise the gardener from week to week with its reaction to the various weather patterns. Speaking of gardens, doesn’t this rug remind you of one?


For those who love a black and white scheme, this rug fits the bill. It’s almost a doily for the floor with its lacy pattern but the formality of the doily imagery is whimsied up by the occasional sandy tufts – too much fun. This would be great at the foot of a bed.


The complete decolourised line features vintage mohair carpets that are hand knotted. Some have many hand knots and some have just a few such as this version with its couple of tufts along the edges in rose, pumpkin and olive. These tufts can be super enhanced by repeating their colours in a selection of toss cushions and accessories.


Here the tufts are clustered on one edge as though the rug is starting to deconstruct. I would love to see this rug in a living room under a glass topped coffee table and surrounded by leather furniture in shade of cream..



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