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Versatile Vanity from Sonia: nice rounded corners

This unusual vanity is the new Versatile vanity from Sonia. Coming soon to the US, the vanity shows a softer side of minimalism: rounded corners and a pattern of wavy lines give a more approachable feeling to the modern vanity. The large panels of the cabinets dominate the look – each piece of bathroom furniture in the range is designed to perfectly coordinate. Wood and metal accents complement the Versatile – the vanity is available with an optional support leg in steel that mirrors the recognisable shape of the panels. Other exciting options include cabinets with a built-in light and a mirror with a built in light, as well as long cabinets and a wall shelf to complete the style. With an additional plain white version also available, the Versatile vanity from Sonia could fit perfectly into your modern home.


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