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Vacation Home Ideas To Upgrade Your Residence

Everyone wants their residence to feel just like a vacation home but with a little more style and a whole lot of relaxation. Discover a few new vacation home design ideas and get inspired to upgrade your living space with a hint of vacation all year round.

Bring on the Blues

The different shades of blue add a welcoming effect that screams vacation home. Consider having lighter hues of blue paired with pastels and blues that offer a green undertone. These hues work best to expand to the space.

Nothing screams “vacation home” quite like a large variety of beautiful shades of blue. The multiple shades of blue have a relaxing feel while still being very beachy and fun. Use the hues around your living room or consider a pastel blue couch for a beautiful upgrade.

Lacquered Floors

We all love the appeal of lacquered floors due to how shiny they tend to be. The beauty of this is that it creates a beautiful long lasting contrast regardless of the pieces that you incorporate.

We love the aesthetics of a lacquered floor, they are shiny which gives them a very modern appeal, while still having a classic vacation home feel. The key is allowing the floor to be the main focus of the room. Doing so brightens the room while keeping your décor to a minimum.

Window Nook

If your window nook is in a smaller space of your home such as a quiet corner, consider making it the main focus of that room with a smaller second living room. Doing so allows you to take full advantage of the view while further utilizing the space.

If you have a window nook we recommend taking full advantage of it. A window nook can be used for personal seating, as part of a breakfast nook or even as an additional kitchen space. Incorporate a fun seating and soft chairs to further push a vacation feel to that area of the home.

Wicker Chairs

Adding wicker chairs to your dining table can completely change the look of the room. Especially, when the chairs are paired with a wood table and/or a bench. The bench will add that undeniable charm while the wicker chairs have that vacation home feel.

There’s something very summery and vacation-like about wicker chairs. Not only are they coming back on trend, but they are easy to work with and incorporate in the home. If you are looking to add color you may even want to consider painting your wicker chairs a fun pastel hue.

 Comfort over Style

Comfort is big in vacation home decor because it simply makes sense to have as much comfort as possible in a home that is meant to relax you. Take the same idea and add a large comfortable sofa with a few throw pillows and a warm blanket.

One thing vacation homes are well-known for is comfort. Vacation homes have perfected the idea of comfort with overall style. For that perfect elevated look pair, a comfortable sofa with minimal décor. The sofa will become the statement piece will the rest of the room will remain minimal and cozy.

Lower Pendant Lights

Having high ceilings is all cool and fun until the space becomes unwelcoming and even “cold.” Combat this by lowering your pendant lights for a more intimate and personable feel.

If you have a high ceiling it may seem a bit overwhelming and even impersonal. In order to completely change that look add a pendant light but place it lower than you typically would. Doing so will make the ceiling feel cozier and more welcoming.

Hues of Yellow

Yellow is one of those shades that simply works! Regardless of what you pair it with the hue will stand out from the rest while providing a tropical twist. The key is having neutral elements around.

Yellow is bright, summery, fun and very vacation-like, which is perfect when you want to give your home a vacation feel. Pair with neutrals or bits of black to create a seamless blend between a bright hue and an everyday aesthetics.

Vacation House Accents

Adding a few vacation home accents throughout the space can really help you get your message across. The key is adding essential pieces that make sense and bring the space back to life with a summery vibe.

If you don’t want to completely change your décor yet want to have a classic vacation home feel adding beach house accents is the way to go. Add a surfboard, beachy wallpaper, seashells or a mixture of all three. The idea is to have the accents make a statement on their very own.

Take it Outside

When you are taking your vacation home decor outdoors consider using colors that already surround the area. Doing so allows your outdoor living space to perfectly blend with the beautiful outdoor hues.

When decorating with a vacation vibe do not forget your outdoor space. Whether it’s your porch, a chic balcony or your backyard, creating a welcoming space that offers a bit of “vacation” will allow you to want to step outside more often and enjoy the beauty the great outdoors has to offer.

Bold Patterns

When working with prints it’s important to not be afraid of them. Prints may seem intimating but they really bring a room back to life when they are worked in with similar hues and distinct accessory pairing. 

Patterns are great on their own, but they are even grander when they are paired together. Pair two or three similar patterns with softer colors that already exist in the patterns. Doing so will allow the pattern to be bold yet have softer similar colors to blend with.

What vacation home décor are you obsessed with? Share with us your ideas in the comments below.


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