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Urbanfire Ultra Modern Fireplace by Modfire

urbanfire ultra modern fireplace modfire black thumb 630x840 14339 Urbanfire Ultra Modern Fireplace by Modfire

Modfire’s Urbanfire is a stunning sculptural fireplace / fire pit, a piece of functional art that brings fire to center of your “universe”, be it outdoors or indoors. Its clean lines and organic shape allow it to naturally integrate to any environment. Hand-made from natural steel, it comes as such or painted with several layers of high-temperature paint in a vibrant palette of Avocado, Azure, Maraschino, or Tangerine. For a touch of luxury, you can also have it in shiny copper. Urbanfire was originally designed as an outdoor fireplace, however thanks to its tremendous success it has now been designed as an indoor version and most recently even as a tabletop miniature of the original. As a natural evolution of the classical wood-burning model, Urbanfire offers now alternative fuel solutions. Propane gas and bio-ethanol fuel make it possible to have a roaring fire in just seconds, with the simple turn of a valve. And an environmentally-friendly fire on top! The ethanol model is highly recommended for indoor use, while both the ethanol and the propane versions can be safely used outdoors. A design that will definitely light your fire!

urbanfire ultra modern fireplace modfire blue thumb 630x500 14341 Urbanfire Ultra Modern Fireplace by Modfire



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