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Urban Penthouse Marrying Contemporary Design and Art

urban penthouse marrying contemporary design and art 1 thumb 630xauto 35971 Urban Penthouse Marrying Contemporary Design and Art

This Vancouver penthouse designed by Kelly Deck is a great example of West Coast lifestyle. Its open, light-filled spaces together with the contemporary mix of design furniture and art make it the perfect home for an urban couple. The project was beautifully implemented by Terris Lightfoot Contracting, who have paid attention to every detail of the building process. The background is clean and sober, with white walls and dark grey floor tiles, leaving it up to the interior decoration to make the difference. The rhythm is set by the loft-like windows with dark metal frames and by the metal spiral staircase that divides the spaces between social and private. There’s a very careful choice in what concerns the interior design elements and the art work. These two aspects seem even to be in a slight competition mode, as it is quite difficult to decide what to admire first. In terms of layout, the space is organized by function. The cooking and dining area are semi-separated from the living-room by a wall, that leaves big openings at both its end for easy circulation. The spiral staircase separates the kitchen from the dining room in a natural way, without creating any barrier to the circulation of people or light.

urban penthouse marrying contemporary design and art 2 thumb 630xauto 35973 Urban Penthouse Marrying Contemporary Design and Art

The living-room is organized around the marble-framed fireplace, with direct access to one of the balconies of the penthouse on one side. The separation wall seems to be there to serve as frame and background for one of the large-sized paintings that represent one of the visual focus points of the interior design. Another eye-catching element is the low table, a massive wooden block created from smaller and irregular-shaped wood pieces.


The kitchen is functional and it occupies one corner of the apartment. An island block creates both a visual separation from the other spaces and a breakfast-counter for two. The materials are mainly wood and stainless steel, with stone for counters and some vertical surfaces. The most surprising element is the backsplash, in what looks like textured stainless steel panels.


The dining room is set on the other side of the staircase from the kitchen. There are three main design elements that fight for supremacy here: the high-back upholstered chairs, the pendant lamp and the colorful painting.


At the bottom of the staircase, a bronze sculpture on a round metal pedestal seems to control access to upstairs, the private part of the penthouse.


The cupboards at the entrance have a beautiful abstract cut-in pattern.


The media room is located upstairs, and it looks cozy and soundproof with carpet on the floor and a lot of textile to contrast the wood of the TV stand. It has direct access to another balcony immediately attract the eye thanks to the presence of two giant eagle statues, that look like the guards of the house.


The bedroom is soft and cozy thanks to the giant soft headboard that covers the wall up to the ceiling. A diffuse indirect light emanates from under the bed and night tables, adding mystery to the atmosphere.


The rooftop garden with it fireplace and vegetation is the perfect spot for spending time outdoors.



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