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Zen Like Bathroom collection from Cosmic – the Upgrade minimalist bathroom with hidden controls

Cosmic Upgrade bathroom
Clean, clear lines – nothing less, nothing more. If a sharp minimalist look is your top priority, you will love the Upgrade, a Zen like bathroom from Cosmic. Everything is smooth, linear and neat. All bathroom furniture is comprised of the most basic white boxes, chrome, and glass. All functions are hidden – no handles, controls, spouts or unnecessary details to clutter the look. Water emerges from a simple, perfect hole embedded into the side wall of the ‘bathstone’ sink and a clever flap covers the handle functions. The shower is made from a clear glass panel, fixed to the wall with chrome bars that hide nothing but reveal everything about the pared down style. Everything is considered: the rectangular mirror with an integrated fluorescent light will highlight the look. Strip down to the basics with the Upgrade bathroom collection from Cosmic… and drift away from worldly concerns.
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Cosmic Upgrade - bathtub
Cosmic Upgrade - vanity
Cosmic Upgrade - bathtub

Cosmic Upgrade - shower
Cosmic Upgrade - vanity


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