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Unusual Contemporary Bathroom Design by Bette

Lie back in this glorious tub and relax in a bathroom that makes you want to stay forever. The eye-catching uniqueness of this space lies in the raised deck made of wood slats, which give a sauna or spa quality to the bathroom. The wood warms the room as opposed to traditional tile and offers a pleasing visual effect in the lateral placement across the room. The Bette sinking tub – which is quite honestly, extremely inviting – boasts fabulous modern fixtures with a touch of LED lighting in combination with natural light from the windows to set the mood. The unenclosed shower stands open and off to the side, with all the attention focused on the tub. Red cube ottomans offer a luxurious pampering area and add a bit of colour to this tranquil and soothing personal spa. This design is by Bette


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