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Unico Kitchen Faucet by MGS Progetti

The UNICO kitchen faucet from MGS Progetti is a product of exceptional quality. MGS Progetti pride themselves on making stainless steel faucets to the highest standards. Each UNICO kitchen faucet is individually cast using a lost wax method, and instead of being chromed the steel is brushed to produce a fine finish. They are the only faucet company not to use brass parts and are so exclusive that each one is individually numbered. The controls can be mounted to the right, left or front; and the spout can rotate 360 degrees. This variety of options makes it ideal for integrating into unique kitchens. The controls are practical and simple to use with dirty or soapy hands. The most interesting feature though is the pull-out spout. Its stainless steel flexible hose allows precise water direction to where you need it, yet retains a clean and minimalist design. MGS Progetti have refined the UNICO faucet into a stunning example of functional clean design.



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