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Uneven Edge Dining Table by Riflessi

uneven edge dining table riflessi 1 thumb 630xauto 34229 Uneven Edge Dining Table by Riflessi

A living edge table with a sleek appearance seems almost unachievable, but Riflessi has managed to do just that with its “Living” table. A smooth oak plank top, 25mm thick with a slight (and natural) irregularity to the peeled edge mounted on a cross base of graphite, taupe, white or corten finished steel. This combination of organic wood details on a geometric steel base presents a sleek and modern profile that marries the warm and cold as well as the natural and the man made for a final statement of sophisticated elegance.

uneven edge dining table riflessi 2 thumb autox857 34231 Uneven Edge Dining Table by Riflessi

The wavering edge detail has the ability of personalizing what could easily have been an imposing size to the table. The edge detail draws you in, makes you want to approach and touch it, unlike a ruler straight edge that would be less interesting and somewhat stand offish.


With today’s homes once again embracing the natural tones of wood, the Living Table is a celebration of wood at its best. The graining, the thick living edge and the soft pale hue allow the homeowner to bring nature indoors.


With Oak being the dominant feature of the Living Table, pairing it with chairs in an opposing material is a great way of creating a personal statement. Whether those chairs are bright white, clear Lucite, black or pops of bold colour, the choice is only limited by your preference. Here a graphite base is paired with white chairs, but the reverse would be just as striking.



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