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Ultra Modern USB Lamp – I-Lumex LED lamp for your PC

antonangeli i lumex lamp1 Ultra Modern USB Lamp   I Lumex LED lamp for your PC
Shed some cool light on contemporary style with the I-Lumex ultra-modern lamp that comes with its own USB port. Created by designer Denis Santachiara for Italian company Antonangeli Illuminazione, this LED lamp is the perfect complement to your PC. Made of soft, tactile silicone in red, lavender, graphite and white hues, these versatile, multifunctional and user-friendly lamps are fully flexible and adjustable, literally bending over backwards to meet your lighting needs. The low-power consumption and high light output of the LED light combine to deliver 50,000 hours of illumination. Check out this ultra-modern USB lamp at Antonangeli Illuminazione.

antonangeli i lumex lamp Ultra Modern USB Lamp   I Lumex LED lamp for your PC



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