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Unusual Upholstered Furniture from The Home Key – 2009 collection

The key to the hottest 2009 style lies in the new ultra-modern furniture line by The Home Key. The cool, contemporary style of the Cut furniture is an instant focal point for the modernist, or for any appreciator of fine furnishings. The chic and unique design of the Cut chairs and sofas and matching tables takes the concept of fragmentation to stylish new heights. “Upsetting the conventional idea of chairs … the product is characterized by an unusual vertical cut that separates the individual pieces of which it consists,” as described by The Home Key. Comfort doesn’t take a back seat to style in this contemporary collection. The upholstered pieces in the new ultra-modern furniture line are all available in a selection of fabrics and leathers offered by The Home Key. The coordinating tables, also available in a variety of colors, are the perfect complement to the cool collection. Get it at The Home Key.



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