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Amazing Bathtubs by Manuel Dreesmann

Gone are the days of the utilitarian, boring bathroom – welcome the new “wave” of amazing bathtubs, from German designer Manuel Dreesmann and Swiss bathroom brand Bagno Sasso. The Ocean Wave and the Ocean Wing bathtubs are made of Corian, notable for their wonderful organic look and feel. Their sculptural silhouettes, featuring “waves” and “wings” – hence their names – boast a free-form aesthetic that seems to have a mind of its own, perfect for placement in the center of the room. A sure showpiece that won’t be tucked away in a dark corner! The Ocean Wing bathtub measures 2,250 by 1,000 by 750mm, and is made of Corian. Offering a variation on this nature-inspired look, the Ocean Wave tub measures 3,000 by 1,500 by 780mm and features a warm, wood enclosure with Corian interior. For more information on these amazing designs, visit Manuel Dreesmann and Bagno Sasso.



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