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TV Stand by Porada – the Mediacentre stand

With modern designs for flexible seating, especially in open plan living rooms, it can be difficult to find the ideal position for TV and media centres. The Porada TV stand offers the flexibility to adjust your flat screen TV to the perfect viewing angle. Centred on a single metal pole, the wooden veneer panel rotates around a single point. The smooth wood surface provides a simple backdrop for your wide-screen television, while adding warm texture to a room. The stand featuring three glass shelves perfect for media players and artistic pieces, while the side alcoves provide storage for DVDs and CDs. Incorporated sockets ensure a clean organised unit free of distracting wires. Mixing wood, glass, metal and technology creates a unit that balances natural elements with electrical magic. Characterized by simple clean lines, the Porada TV stand is a chic unique option for a modern Mediacentre.


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