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Two-Story Room with Suspended Netting Reading Nook

Part of a dramatic home design in Bangkok, this unique room spans two stories encompassing an office, sleeping quarters, and storage. Designed by Integrated Field Co., the large yet private multipurpose room makes use of a number of design tricks to bring the two levels together without compromising floorspace up top. While glass panels provide cover for some of the square footage involved, the rest of the intersecting area is made up of suspended netting, creating a whimsical reading nook while also aiding airflow and accenting the room’s open integration of the two areas. This connection is also helped by the unity of decor between the levels, with a clean and classy black paint/medium wood mix.
The ladder-access, netting-and-glass floor for the outer bedroom section is a very individual design departure, defying multiple traditions at once in a contemporary form. The system makes use of upper-floor area much more efficiently than a balcony-style loft, and is significantly more expansive than a simple separation of the two spaces. The architecture of the room helps to ease any visual clutter in either the office or bedroom area, directing the eyes towards two-story ceiling and a rope hammock built right into the structure of the chamber. A half-wall of shelving takes care of any storage needs a resident could have for the purposes of either section, freeing up plenty of room for furniture or lounging space. It’s a dual design for more than just two purposes, an uncommon solution to the challenge of creating a multifaceted room of defined sections without isolating any element inside.

Integrated Field Co.


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