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Translucent Polyethylene Seats, Poufs and Tables from Serralunga

The Meteor collection from Serralunga is out of this world! Designed by Arik Levy, these ultra modern seats, poufs and tables are made from polyethylene, giving them their unusual translucent finish that illuminates with a futuristic, alien appeal. This line of modern, multi-faceted furnishings is inspired by these heavenly bodies, giving them an abstract form of different geometric shapes and sizes that can go from seat to side table to footrest with ease. Suited for indoor and outdoor use, Meteor is a cool, casual addition to your garden or patio setting, or make a stand-out style statement in your living room among your more conventional decor selections. Seating and lighting all in one, these future-forward pieces shine like a shooting star! Choose from five different colors, available in illuminated models. Check out the Meteor collection by visiting Serralunga



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