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Transitional Style Waterfall Faucet from Frisone – new Karisma

Frisone created yet another waterfall faucet which in time is sure to become a remarkable statement piece. The transitional design was developed in such a way that makes it easy to transcend any style borders allowing it blend into any bathroom, be it traditional or contemporary. Smoothness is the main characteristic of the final waterfall faucet, plus the ability to reflect light will make it a desirable fixture in any bathroom. The Karisma faucet is adaptable to both sink and bidet, coming in various lengths and heights. Regular faucets generally do not give great attention to how the design finds a way to adapt to necessities. Imagine lifting the handle to let the water flow gently. To say it is just the ease of use would be an understatement. The perfect, shiny finish of the Karisma waterfall faucet from Frisone will seem to be blending in with the atmosphere of a now perfect bathroom.



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