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Transitional bathroom vanity from Waterfall Bathroom Furniture

Aptly described as “Marie Antoinette meets Mies van de Rohe”, this transitional bathroom vanity would be perfectly at home in any decor. Transitional bathroom decor such as the Louis Vanity from Waterfall Bathroom Furniture is a marriage of traditional and contemporary elements. This vanity demonstrates how contradiction in design can nonetheless produce an harmonious aesthetic. It bears characteristics of traditional French furniture, with its softly curving cabriole details that accent the doors and its slightly flared legs. However, these elements have been restrained, as the smooth and clean lines of the modern design movement have been incorporated to create an overall contemporary look with traditional flair. Traditional detailing like raised panels and heavily adorned surfaces have been replaced by smooth surfaces composed of modern materials and flat, slab doors. Nevertheless, this vanity still reflects the sensibilities of a bygone era. This combination of styles can be appreciated by traditionalists and modernists alike. Louis vanity is offered in two sizes and can be specified in a variety of elegant colors. Waterfall Bathroom Furniture


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