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Touch Sensitive Switches by Basalte

Make an intelligent addition to your home with smart, touch sensitive switches by Basalte. This European company has designed these cool, contemporary switches with panache and practicality rolled into one stylish home essential. A touch sensitive switch like this is a simple detail that won’t go unnoticed. The entire cover is sensitive; simply swipe your finger across the cover or just touch the edge, and voila! It’s light at your fingertips! The Sensido design can also act as a dimmer – a prolonged touch will result in a brighter light, and touching several quadrants will control several lighting areas. Available in a variety of sleek-looking designs like the round Mona or the square Sensido, these switches feature customizable covers illuminated with LEDs, so they’re easy to find in the dark. Check out this cool collection of customizable touch switches, by Basalte.



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