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Hi-Tech Toilet by New Linea – new modern Aqualet

newlineaitalia toilet aqualet 1 Hi Tech Toilet by New Linea – new modern Aqualet
Ushering in a hi-tech era of bathroom hygiene, the Aqualet toilet by New Linea Italia is on our list of modern must-haves. This new toilet combines a sleek aesthetic with hi-tech features that make spa-inspired health and well-being an everyday luxury. A side control lets your operate this toilet’s various features, like the built-in bidet and its numerous functions. The toilet itself is a wall-mounted design that doesn’t take up any floor space, making this fixture ideal for compact bathrooms, cozy condos and small-but-sweet urban homes. Regardless of your space, luxury has a place in every home! For more details on the Aqualet visit New Linea.

newlineaitalia toilet aqualet 2 Hi Tech Toilet by New Linea – new modern Aqualet



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