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Interior Design Inspiration from Linea Italia – infinite living room design ideas with Kube!

This is not your standard sofa set – it’s interior design inspiration from Kube by Linea Italia. For living room design ideas, Kube is your all-in-one modern design essential for thousands of ideas to transform your home into your own private customized playground. Designed by Italy’s ZeroTreArchitetti, the modular design of Kube lets you put the pieces together as you please, using the individual and interchangeable seats, armrests and backs. And if you just can’t seem to make up your mind when it comes to layout, these awesome independent pieces can be reconfigured at any time, so your living room design can swing with your daily moods and changing needs. Kube is available with seven varying versions of arm rests, back-arm rests and arm-back rests. Another really cool feature of Kube is Armrest Sound – an innovative element that incorporates a powerful 160-watt speaker built right into the structure, and compatible with your PC, MP3 player and video game console, making this your ultimate home entertainment center. And color is no object, so to speak – with Kube’s variety of covers, the color and pattern of your pieces can change at the drop of a hat. For infinite interior design inspiration for the living room and any room in your home, check out Kube at Linea Italia.



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