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Tips to Turn Your Guest Room Into The Ultimate Retreat

Have you ever wanted to have guests over yet couldn’t figure out what was the best way to decorate your guest bedroom to make them feel right at home? If so, we have all been there, the guest bedroom tends to get the least amount of attention because of how little it is used particularly when the holidays are over. However, how fun would it be if you can create a welcoming, cozy space that makes your guests feel like they are on a fabulous retreat? Here are a few ways to achieve this without breaking the bank. Time to indulge in fun décor for other places in your home.

Beach House Tones

Add fun decorative items to your wall to further showcase the beachy vibes of the room.

When many of us think of the word “retreat” beach house comes into mind. There is something about a beach house that makes us all feel warm and cozy inside. Which is why adding beach house tones is the way to go. Keep your décor fresh, airy, and with vivid shades to bring that beachy vibe. Furthermore, add bits of nudes and sand hues for an almost ocean-like aesthetic.

Floral Wallpaper

Mix the colors of your wallpaper with other hues used in the room for a cohesive approach.

Once you have decided a room needs a sprucing up its time to take a look at wallpaper. Adding wallpaper to any room makes a huge difference- it adds color, texture, and a bolder element that becomes the focal point. Take it a step further by adding a floral wallpaper and making it the highlight of the room. Choose a bold hue to further emphasize its beauty.

Add Storage

Consider adding storage under the bed to keep the room clear of mess, but have additional storage right where you need it.

There is nothing a guest at a home wants more than to have enough room to place their belongings. Being able to add storage to your guest room allows the space not only to feel more organized, but your guests will have the ability to place what they need exactly where they want to while feeling right at home.

Take Advantage of all Areas of the Room

Add fun pillows and a cozy blanket to make your window seat feel put together and sleek.

If you have a smaller guest room, it might be hard to have a vision on how to make it feel like a retreat. But it’s actually quite simple you want to take full-on advantage of all areas of the room. What this means is if you have room for a window seat add one, if you have room for additional seating add it as well etc. You want the room to be filled, but not feel cluttered. Everything in the room should have a reason and a season.

Attic Bedroom

You want your attic to feel put together, but with its original appeal.

Some homeowners do not have enough room in their home to have a guest bedroom, but there is always the attic. The attic can be an excellent option for a guest bedroom, its private, away from most things and always feels kind of magical. You want to create a cozy retreat by making it feel almost like a tree house or a separate section of the home.

Neutral Palette

If you want to add texture to your neutral guest room, consider adding a rug, and metallic accents to complete the look.

One thing most retreats have in common is their use of soft colors. Most rooms can make a great statement simply by having a neutral palette as the main focus of the room. Use soft colors such as white, beige, pastels and gray to bring forth your décor while still having that enchanting softness.

Outside Scenery

Match your guest bedroom decor with your scenery to break the gap between the great outdoors and the inside of your home.

If your guest room showcases an outside scenery you want to take full advantage of it and place your décor directly in front or next to the window. Your outside scenery should become one of the main focus and decorative aspects of the room. Decorate around it to bring the outside directly in with little to no additional hassle. Furthermore, add curtains to complete the look with a whimsical charm.

Lively Patterns

Add pops of color throughout your pattern to make the room have that cohesive approach even when there is an abundance of patterns used.

If you’re a lover of all things patterned, here is your chance to execute your dream room without interrupting the rest of your home’s décor. Add lively pattern in a multitude of colors for a unique approach that is felt throughout the entire room. You want to add a pattern from the floor to the walls and even the windows. The key is being as cohesive as possible, to keep the room charming instead of cluttered.

Classic Charm

By adding quirky colors you will be expanding the rooms appeal while still having a classic approach.

Keep the room as classic as possible, but add hints of charm here and there to truly make it come back to life. The room should feel expansive, calming, even cozy but with a bit of fun. You want to create a balance that is felt throughout the room. Maintain your palette mostly neutral with quirky colors and patterns for that bit of eccentric that makes sense.

Full-on Modern

Give the room some color, with a few essential elements such as plants and or a rug.

Modern décor has taken a life of its own, it’s now become a must-have and a must do. Which is why we could not pass up on the idea of having it as part of our guide. For a modern approach, you want to have a minimal aesthetic. Going minimal allows you to have just the essentials without overcrowding the room. Add a fun chandelier to complete the look.

Do you have guests over often? Share with us how your guest room is decorated and how you would like to upgrade it.


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