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Timeless Ways To Bring Traditional Style To Your Living Room

Traditional living room décor has remained a staple and withheld the test of time due to comfort and ease. When it comes to decorating a living room being comfortable is key but with a high-end feel. In order to have that signature high-end feel without compromising comfort you want to create a timeless, traditional aesthetic while being unique to your personal style- we show you how to do just that. Here are a few timeless ways to bring traditional style to your living room.

Warm Colors

When it comes warm tones you want to use hues of orange, red and even muted yellow to bring that classic approach.

One of the main staples of traditional décor is color coordination. While most rooms do not have identical symmetry most of them can make great use of it- which is where warm hues come into play. Warm colors are great for bringing a traditional feel to the room with a color coordination appeal. The key is using a short palette of 2-5 colors and allowing them to make a subtle, yet noticeable difference interweaved with what you already have.

Sophisticated, Muted Metals

Muted metals are great for bringing life to a traditional room. Add them slowly or in a bold manner for a contrasting touch.

Traditional style can be a bit tricky when you are working on adding hints of metals to the space. It is fundamental to stay away from polish brass as it has an 80s feel and chrome due to its modernized approach. Instead of using either of these metals you want to use muted ones. Think almost tarnished silver or unpolished brass.

Curved Edges

Add symmetry and an interesting visual by having accent chairs that add that curved approach yet are multifunctional and fun.

If there’s one thing most traditional rooms have is the feeling of sitting in a circle. There’s something about circular seating that makes a room feel relaxed and even cozy. To achieve that you want to have furniture with curved edges that add a softness that is undeniably soothing in a way.

Stone Fireplace

A brick fireplace is great to bring an additional dose of warmth, yet with a unique vibe. You want to keep the room simple and with a sleek focus on how charming a fireplace can be.

Is there anything quite as traditional as having a fireplace in your living room? We think not, which is why a stone fireplace is an epitome of a well-balanced, comfortable living room. Since classic living rooms take great pride in symmetry and comfort you want to decorate around your fireplace to give it the spotlight it deserves.

Solid Wood Paneled Walls

Wood paneled walls add a warming effect, especially if the walls are in a darker, richer hue.

While we might have thought paneled walls were out of a trend due to contemporary completely taking over, this is actually false when you are working with traditional décor. Solid wood paneled walls are not only back with a vengeance, but they are everything you would want for that warm, cozy approach. Use colors such as mahogany, or cherry for a versatile look.

Exposed Wood Beams

Instead of having just one or two wooden beams consider having a display of wood beams to make the room feel grander directly from the ceiling.

If your room already has exposed, wood beams you want to take full advantage of this by having the rest of your décor match these beams. Do this by having your décor match the aesthetics of the beams. To create an appealing approach that brightens the room.

Print Chairs

Get creative when it comes to using patterns in a room, it adds a second layer of character and style in a space.

With traditional décor you typically want to keep your décor in the same realm; however, when you want to bring a quick twist a printed chair is always a great idea. Not only does a printed chair help bring color and texture to the room, but it gives you a little something extra that elevates your décor seamlessly.

Bold Light Fixture

Add more than one chandelier to create a welcoming touch to the room. Furthermore, it adds a symmetrical approach.

Regardless of how big or small, your living room is a bold light fixture can make a huge statement with a cool traditional twist. The key is remaining in the chandelier realm. Chandeliers are notorious for being a traditional living room item; therefore, you want to keep your décor revolving around your new lighting.

Sleeker more Modern

The less decor used in the room the sleeker it will appear while still having that hint of traditional we all know and love. Add wood elements for that traditional aspect that makes sense.

While on the topic of traditional, let’s talk about a modern twist that is currently happening- that is a sleeker touch to the room. Sleek is here to stay, whether it’s in a traditional or modern room. Incorporating a sleeker, more modern touch is minimizing the décor you have in a room. The fewer décor the larger the room will feel while still being put together and fun.

Built-in Bookcase

A bookcase allows you to have exactly what you need when you need it while not taking away from your current decor.

The built-in bookcase is one of the best items you can add in a room when you want to have a traditional vibe. There is just something about it that finishes off a room in the easiest type of way. Think of it as a bold item that showcases the size of the room in a classic type of way. A simple décor around your bookcase is ideal to the room.

Shades of Blue

Work with simple shades of blue to make the room feel larger while still being traditional. The idea is to have the color work seamlessly throughout.

Just because a room is traditional does not mean it can’t have bits of color. If you want to add color without taking away from your décor, blue is the shade to choose. Blue is great to how welcoming and charming it can be without taking away from what you already have. Use different shades of blue to brighten the room overall.

Dramatic & Edgy

Darker walls are great when you want to have that hint of edge and drama but still be ethereal. Pair with lighter hues to brighten the room overall.

Drama comes from the use of darker hues and so does edginess. For an edgy and dramatic approach use darker hues such as navy, black, slate or even green. These hues are dark and edgy while still creating a charming vibe that has that slick touch of edge.

Are you considering a timeless traditional living room? Please share with us your thoughts below.


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