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Contemporary Cracked Tiles by Refin – Terraviva

Sometimes it’s our “imperfections” that make us worth knowing, and by the same token, these contemporary “cracked” tiles from Refin are worth a closer look. The Terraviva tile collection is an earthy yet contemporary design that adds a worthy focal point to any modern home. In bathrooms, living areas, office or in your front foyer, this unusual, large-scale tile is an instant attention-grabber. Designer Massimiliamo Adami plays with ceramic and its inherently smooth, contemporary aesthetic. This modern tile’s mark of distinction is the crack down the center, which according to Refin, signifies “the passing of time and the traces it leaves on its way.” Profound in look and in ideas, these tiles are available in a natural palette of colors and finishes, from light to dark, and matte to glossy. For more info go to Refin.



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