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Tile Design Elements from Oceanside Glasstile

oceanside glasstile design elements Tile Design Elements from Oceanside Glasstile
In addition to the Iridescent Mosaic Glass Tiles that we’ve mentioned before, Oceanside Glasstile company has many decorative elements that can be used to add striking accents to your tile design. For example, a few sparkling decos or liners, added here and there, will dramatize the design of your bathroom floor or walls. Insert them in between the larger size ceramic tiles or create a border line or a pattern … No matter where you use them, the Oceanside Glasstile translucent decos and liners will make your tile design unique. Choose these decorative tile elements from many different colors and seven glass tile lines: Tessera, Casa California, Facets, Haiku, Minerali, Ritual and Terrain.

Shown right are Liners from the Terrain tile line.
Splash Decos and 2″ Decos from the Terrain line:
oceanside glasstile design decos Tile Design Elements from Oceanside Glasstile



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