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This Modern Prefab Hut on Wheels has all the Cabin Aesthetics

Check out this modern prefab hut on wheels from Gute. With its rounded profile, the gorgeous looking Collingwood Shepherd Hut reminds us of an Airstream travel trailer! It has all the cabin aesthetics you could possibly ask for. Exterior steps are built from solid red western cedar and a brass plaque is mounted on each hut. At Gute, they know that first impressions are important. Solid white oak boards and hand-picked, milled and joined to make the doors, frames and sills. And the door is Dutch door style – the top opens separately to let fresh air circulate. It’s all thermal pane glass, of course, and the cast iron hardware was picked for its durability and aesthetic. Pine clad ceilings complete the ‘cabin’ feel and don’t forget the flooring – Gute’s own hand-distressed painted pine floor. You couldn’t pick a finer cabin in the woods!

Gute’s website says that “Most of the shepherd huts we build will not need a building permit since they are under 10m2. Which means there will be no extra property taxes or fees to pay. The Sepherd hut can even be rolled to into environmentally controlled locations”. This was probably meant for Canada, where the Gute huts are built. For the US, I would check the local county codes to make sure it is still the case.
The Collingwood Hut is only 7.5′ wide and 15.5′ long from end to end. Still it looks and feels very spacious – big enough for the whole family – because of its flawless design and a clever use of ergonomic modular furniture. Everything is in the right place – and this is what creates a roomy feel.
You see yourself sitting in this cozy hut, fireplace on, with a cup of coffee by your side, looking out. All while surrounded by beautiful aesthetics. Why do you need a house if you have something like this and you can move it around.
Learn more about the Collingwood Shepherd and other prefab hut models at Gute.


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