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THG Paris Profil-Lalique Bath Faucet Collection by Jamie Drake (with Lalique crystal)

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Brilliant glamour that shimmers and shines, the Profil-Lalique Bath Faucet offers a timeless class and grace. Known for it’s luxury, craftsmanship and artistry, Lalique crystal elevates the Profil faucet from a fine fixture into a beautiful work of art. A fixture that blends modern sensibilities with turn of the century designs, the Profil faucet offers classic beauty and quality with modern precision and design. Featuring four pieces of inlay-ed Lalique crystal set into the finely crafted metal, this Bath Faucet glitters like the delicate jewellery of a Hollywood star. Designed by Jamie Drake the Profil-Lalique Bath Faucets Collection is available from THG Paris.


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