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Luxury Bath Products – the Bathroom Bling

From 24-carat gold leaf floor tiles to a decadent faucet with a strip of 282 sparkling natural diamonds, the bathroom has become the best new place to showcase bling. Putting conventional bath accessories to shame, a few very high-end manufacturers have opted to play with a palette of Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones, leaving good old polished chrome by the wayside. With the goal of cloaking the luxury bath with intoxicating opulence and over-the-top aesthetics, decorative hardware products have become jewelry for the bath.
Having designed faucets for royal palaces, yachts and five-star hotels, the Parisian house of THG recently unveiled a luxury collection of designer faucets boasting hand-crafted and finely-painted Bernardaud porcelain with gold or platinum accents. Another new addition for 2008 is their timeless Profil faucet by Jamie Drake featuring sensuous black Lalique crystal inlays.
For those with a more modern muse, Sonia focused their entire ’08 ad campaign on bath accessory products as jewelry. As ideal ornaments for the contemporary bath, their S7 collection features geometric lines that are perfectly sculpted with originality and distinction. While they may not be encrusted with diamonds, they are at their best when draped in pearls.
Fir Italy presents “Glamour style” faucets for the bath with luxury materials such as Swarovski Crystal, fabulous finishes and unusual detailing. These faucets can add a touch of unexpected color with their adventurous rainbow-hued handles. Seeking to arouse the senses – the identity of Fir Italy faucets is undoubtedly modern and exclusive.
Also utilizing the sparkle of Swarovski Crystal, faucets from Giampieri have a single, large gem topping the handles. This clever detail allows the Giampieri faucets to retain a smart contemporary chromed look, with an understated concession to bling.


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