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THG Paris Emotion Bath Faucet Collection by Jamie Drake

Sophisticated glamour featuring finely crafted curves, the THG Paris Emotion bath faucets collection offers classical refinement and nostalgic beauty. Designed by Jamie Drake, each Emotion bathroom faucet base features a sculptural bulb that sweeps up to support the elegant handles and tall arching faucet. The slender ribbed handles are made of gorgeous exotic materials like gleaming onyx, rich textured Amourette wood, and white natural polymer. Extremely dense and rare, Amourette wood has a distinctive red-brown and black snakeskin-like pattern that is presented in a precious metallic setting like finely crafted jewellery. For the classic beauty of porcelain, white natural polymer is a fabulous alternative that is safer and more durable while retaining that elusive charm. A stunning fixture that offers classic refinement the THG Paris Emotion bathroom collection by THG Paris includes both lever and cross handles as well as bath accessories and shower fixtures.



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