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The Sport Utility Box – from the New Cerasa Shower Enclosure 2008 collection

Cerasa shower enclosure Sport Utility Box open
The attractive Sport Utility Box shower enclosure is an unusual combination of clear glass panels and solid blocks of colour from Cerasa. This shower enclosure effortlessly combines form and function to make it a real practical luxury. Large glass panels allow for a feeling of spaciousness and freedom when showering. However, plenty of storage space is included for those of us who live in a real home, not a show home! The Sport Utility Box features shelving inside the shower for daily essentials, and ingenious outside storage solutions for bulkier or occasionally used items. The end panel pulls out to reveal ever more shelves, neatly hidden away within the frame of the unit. Combinations of classic white, black and gold give the shower enclosure a classic, timeless appeal. Now available from the 2008 collection by Cerasa.
Cerasa shower enclosure in Gold

Cerasa shower enclosure in Black


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