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The Old News Parquet Flooring by Bauwerk Parquet

What’s new in home decor? Ironically, it’s Old News Parquet Flooring by Baurwerk Parquet. This funky, fun flooring product is part of the Vintage Bauwerk collection created by Swiss designer Virginia Maissen. It has the lax look of newspapers scattered across a cutting room floor, faded, overlapping, in the midst of an inspired explosion! Each board is made of natural oak strips and features a different print which can be combined to create as many as 2,047 unique designs. The faded newsprint pattern boasts a cool retro style that’s perfect for a studio or office space, a bedroom or a modern loft living room. Adding function to fashion, these cool floors also reduce sound by 50%, and they’re thermally insulated. Check out Old News Parquet Flooring by visiting Baurwerk Parquet.



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