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The GREEN ZERO Project Modular Suite is Fabulously Fun

Located in Revine Lake, Italy, the GREEN ZERO project is a fun and modern approach to Eco living. The Exterior hides a rainwater collection system within its grid work of iron pipes that crisscross in an asymmetrical vertical pattern reminiscent of the nearby tree trunks. The graphic presented by the pipes has dual functionality. The pipe posts act as a support to the overhanging roof and two of them are also the channels for the rainwater collection system. Juxtaposed against the sculptural pipes is the poetic “C” shape of the building that houses the overhanging roof, the deck and the hospitality quarters.

The structures accommodation shell is completely prefab and made with interlocking wooden planks. The top of the unit integrates a thin solar panel to harvest electricity and the foundation is a natural split stone system, tied together within a wire cage. The various sizes of the stone bits allow for the correct mechanical resistance.
The architects envisioned the structure to start out as a flat surface that would then be bent to form a C. The bull nosed curves of the C are sewn on one side with thin metal threads and the wooden living quarters are framed within the elongated C. The building has an outdoor deck area with a covered ceiling created by the roofline, and indoor areas that include a bedroom, a bathroom and a mechanical room.
The bedroom is a showcase of modern pattern and convenience. The headboard wall is a stylized cross section thru a forest. On the right side you see the daylight beyond the tree trunks and on the left side the twilight. The headboard itself repeats the daylight green and the twilight purple – but reverses the order. Wild looking armchairs are wrapped in white vinyl with seats in the same two colours and the desk and shelving on the far wall repeat the white washed stain used on the flooring. The only additional colour seen is the charcoal throw on the bed that plays off of the white washing.
The bedroom has a set of sliding glass doors that open to the covered deck area. On the deck there is an outdoor padded sofa bench and a hi-tech table with lighting and music system. Add to that the twilight sensor that includes a bottom up light illumination on the trees and all who stay here can’t help but enjoy an evening outside before retiring for the night.
Adding to the modern comforts and hi-tech furnishings is the master bed with two twin mattresses contained within the frame, each mattress is individually adjustable for maximum comfort. The head and foot of the mattress can be lifted or lowered depending on the guests needs.
The furnishings on the deck are a fun continuation of the modern décor and play off of the steel posts in an oddly organic manner as though the steel posts are an extension of the trees beyond and the seating are large boulders settled into the landscape.
Next to the bedroom is the bathroom and here too, a large graphic pattern is showcased on the wall. Unlike the bedroom, this graphic is not stylized but is a digitally reproduced image of the split stones that are housed within the foundation. This wallpaper pattern is a fun and intriguing way to showcase part of the buildings hidden structure. The vanity is kept to a simple counter with end panel support. A long bar runs the length of the counter for hanging towels on. An oval vessel sink and a counter mirror are combined with a simple floating shelf above.
The back of the building hides a niche that wraps around a tall and narrow Birch tree. This wrap around design creates a division between the bathroom and the mechanical room and also offers the only windows into these two spaces. The location of the tree offers complete privacy for the bathroom through the window. At night the Twilight Lighting Sensor can be turned on to illuminate the tree with a bottom up floodlight.
At night both the interior of the suite and the outside deck can be flooded with off the grid light via the thin solar panel on the roof. The rainwater collection system hidden within the Steel posts is collected and available to use at a speed of 5 litres per minute.
The complete design of the GREEN ZERO project is an awesome example of how eco-friendly living can be fun, functional and visually stunning.
Daniele Menichini Architecture


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