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10 Ways To Bring The Celestial Star Trend Right To Your Home

As a child, we all can remember a time when we had a fascination with stars, we sometimes even wanted to have them spread throughout the home in order to bring them directly inside. The idea may have left your mind, but we are here to share that a celestial star trend is quickly merging onto the scene and we are loving it. The idea is to take the magical feel of the night sky and bring it directly into the home. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

Starry Wall

The beauty of having a starry wall is it adds focus to the room in a simple manner that is still intricate. Pair it with a wall that has been painted in a rich deep hue to bring light to the space. Doing so will make the room appear larger and modern because of the metallic hues that are incorporated. 

For a space-inspired décor piece in your home, add a starry wall to a simple wall in your home. The key is using metallic hues in gold, silver, and rose gold for a glistening, glittery effect that becomes a focal point in the home. Pair it with star-like frames or mirrors and you are good to go.

Constellations Pillows

Constellations throw pillows are great because they are simple to add in any space from the living room to the bedroom you can add a constellation piece that will add visual focus in a simple yet detailed way.  Pair them in a simply decorated room for the best outcome.

There is something beautiful about having constellations as part of your home. Adding in constellation throw pillows will give you the magic you seek with little to no effort. The idea is to have a starry feel in a space that is completely modern.

String Lights

We love the idea of using string lights to create a different atmosphere that adds charm. You can have different size string lights worked in together for that bold item in the room. Take it a step further by adding colorful string lights to your clear lights for a touch of something new and different.

Nothing screams “celestial sky” quite like string lights. There is something ethereal and charming about them that sets them apart from the rest. You can hang multiple ones or even create your very own constellation of stars in your home.

Paper Stars

Paper stars are an excellent form of adding a celestial feel to the home. They can easily be made and easily be removed. There is also the ability to create patterned pieces and use them as strong decor items. Pair them with string lights for a classic romantic feel.

Paper stars are great, you can make them or have them made in the colors that best suit your home. You want to use patterns and hues that will stand out from the rest of your décor in the space. Consider paper stars the greatest invention, you can pair them together or apart for that whimsical appeal celestial stars tend to have.

Twinkle Backsplash

A starry backdrop in the kitchen does not need to be bold and demanding it can be modern and soft instead. Choose hues of blues and grays for a mosaic take on the trend. This will brighten the space while still being put together. 

Celestial stars do not need to remain in the bedroom or the living room they can become part of your kitchen and even your bathroom. The key is working them in and having them play well with your current color scheme. You may even want to add them in with hints of color for a pop of overall color.

Create a Celestial Ceiling

The ceiling is an excellent place to use the celestial trend because of how easy it is to create the perfect charming hues. Navy is the perfect color to work the celestial trend in. Add metallic paint to create the stars or a metallic lamp for a full rounded effect.

How cool would it be to bring your childhood bedroom directly into your home, but in a luxurious kind of way? The idea is to bring in the celestial ceiling while using a dark to light contrast. Whether you prefer to use navy, black, or even rich plums you want to contrast the shade to work with a bold lighter hue. Pair it with a modern chandelier for the best outcome.

Moravian Lighting

The beauty of these light fixtures is that their lights sign bright and create a star shape throughout the room it is placed in. Use more than one light fixture for a bolder effect with grander star power throughout. You can also use different size light fixture for a modern feel on this trend. 

Moravian lighting fixtures have been commonly used in church, but they are quickly becoming a top contender when it comes to instilling this trend into the home. Pair a few of these light fixtures in different areas of the home for a cohesive appeal throughout.

Backyard Touch

Adding a starry light fixture to your backyard can give you the romantic feel you may want. It will also add to your backyard decor in a more modern way. The key is keeping the decor bright and romantic or even add color for a grander effect. Consider pairing your light fixture with a few string lights. 

Why have the celestial trend remain only inside when you can take it outdoors and work it into your backyard space. The key is using different lighting around the backyard for that illuminated yet charming feel at any time of the day.

Galaxy Wallpaper

A simple bedroom can become that much more with a bold wallpaper such as this one. A grand wallpaper will bring vivid hues, texture, and intricacy into the space. Pair it with a neutral palette to create an interesting space.  Add a modern chair to perfect the room. 

There is something charming yet modern about having a galaxy piece in your home, it’s bold and daring in the best kind of way. Add a galaxy wallpaper for a little something extra to any room of your home that will make a statement. Use neutral hues surrounding the bold palette of the wallpaper.

Modern Night Sky

Back in the day having a starry ceiling was the trend. The trend has transformed into something more modern and sophisticated such as having bold lighting be part of the ceiling space. This will make the celestial trend be in the home in a luxurious way.

Adding glow in the dark bits will give you that celestial feel while still being pretty undercover. The idea is to give your home a touch of celestial when the lights go out. You want to keep everything simple and then turn off the lights and wow your guests.

Which of these will you be incorporating into your home décor? Please let us know in the comments below.


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