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Dining Room Lighting Trends for 2019

Since the dining room is mainly used on a daily basis, it makes sense to have it decorated to meet the standards of the rest of the home. In order to do just that you want to have the right lighting. Having the correct lighting can make a huge difference in the way your décor is displayed. Therefore, you want your lighting to be one of the main statements in your dining room. The following lighting ideas are the latest trends for 2019.

Matte Finish

If you truly want to make a statement, consider having a black matte finish light fixture. The matte black allure will bring a unique edge.

Matte finish is not a traditional appeal, but it is very much on trend. When it comes to enhancing your décor having a matte finish is the way to go. The modern twist comes from having the matte aesthetic, making a bold appeal while still being contemporary to the room. This look works best in a traditional space that needs just a hint of something fresh and new.

Larger than Life

When going bold, consider a larger than life appeal. Doing so will expand the room.

Playing with sizing in a room is a great way of getting as much visual appeal in a room as possible without breaking your décor. Take any small light fixtures you might have and swap them out for oversized ones to make a bold statement. The key is using large fixtures that are similar in color or the same exact design.


The allure of rustic lighting is how classic it appears, but with just the right hint of charm. Consider a large rustic light fixture for the best outcome.

Many of us have fallen in love with the appeal of farmhouse décor, which is great new since rustic décor is very much on trend. If you have been wanting to try adding a rustic twist to your dining room, now its time to do so. Add a rustic- inspired light fixture with unfinished elements, or with wood to truly bring a rustic vibe right where you want and need it.


Simple does not mean boring, keep in mind, you can always consider a modern fixture that is still quite minimal.

As of recent years, minimal décor has been a top contender in every season. Add a fresh touch to your décor by having minimal fixtures. These fixtures should feel grand, put together and almost airy. You want to have a repetitive design that emphasizes what you already have displayed.

Go Unique

When selecting a unique fixture you want to go as unique as possible in order to bring your vision to life.

When in doubt, seek a unique piece. Playing with your personal style is always on trend. The idea is to display your personality throughout the room, bringing a unique fixture to the forefront will do just that. Add a fixture with a unique edge such as color, texture or even personal appeal. This mood-enhancing approach will showcase a distinctive appeal oozes throughout the room.


With a celestial light fixture you want to go bold, the idea is to make your whimsical fixture appear as engaging and enchanting as possible.  

One trend that seemed to be hiding behind the many other impactful ideas is this one- celestial lighting. Celestial light fixtures are feminine, bold, and whimsical yet many are afraid of incorporating it into their home décor due to how dainty they look. You do not want the room to overpower your lighting, instead, your lighting should feel as whimsical as it looks.

The Classic Chandelier

If you really want to elevate your traditional chandelier, take it up a notch by allowing it to have an edge that feels traditional in its own way.

Will having a classic chandelier ever go out of style? Maybe, but not this year. Chandeliers are very much on trend and they show no sign of leaving the decorating world any time soon. The key aspect this year is working with a futuristic approach. You want a crystal chandelier that feels classic, but with a contemporary edge. In order to do that you want to have a larger than life appeal.

Bring on the Drama

Why have one large statement when you can have two? The bigger your drum lighting the bolder and more of a statement they will make.

When it comes to pendant lighting that will bring a dramatic approach to any room a drum light is your best friend. Drum lights are not only larger in size, but they make a grand allure regardless of what decorative items are already styled in the room.

Wall Sconces

Consider your sconces as additional decor to ensure the room comes to life even in those areas that feel pretty dark.

If you already have the main light fixture in your dining room and simply need something extra, wall sconces are the way to go. Not only are they on trend, but they make beautiful warm lighting. We recommended adding them to areas of your dining room that need a bit of a brightening effect that your large fixture does not provide.

Recessed Lights

The more recessed your lighting is the larger the room will feel as there will be less space between the two spaces.

For an alluring touch that feels warm and is convenient to the room, recessed lighting is the way to go. Recessed lights are in or close to the ceiling make an excellent option for those that want an accent charm. The charm is intended to make the room feel simple yet maintain that classic recessed lighting allure.

Which of these light trends are you excited about? Please share with us your ideas below.


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