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A Dining Room with Picture Perfect Lighting

Calling it the best lighting option for this dining room is truly an understatement. You don’t get to see everyday a dining table set and a lighting fixture above it that fit so perfectly together. It is as perfect as if this wood veneer pendant was made for this room. The rose-like design is incredible – the best interpretation we’ve happened upon. We found this in the Piedmont House by Home Polish. Piedmont house was an East meets West total redesign – and used 70 hours. That’s right, interior design, purchased by the hour is the concept at Home Polish. It’s an idea whose time has come. Just book blocks of hours and go from there. And while we have no idea where the designers found this stunning floral pendant, we have to give it a 10+. For Home Polish, it would appear that everything is coming up roses!

Via: HomeDSGN


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