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Terrace House Puts Indoors and Outdoors in Beautiful Balance

Australian architecture firm Bark Design Architects created this contemporary, bright beachfront home in Noosa, Queensland with an eye toward outdoor living, and interiors ever focused on the lush waterfront vistas. This terrace house features timber patios on the main and upper levels, backed by expansive glass walls that blur the boundary between in and out. The riverfront home’s exterior and interiors alike are a blend of modernity and Mother Nature, flooded with natural light and views through the massive and many picture windows. This Australia home design is truly architecture and nature in beautiful balance. Check it out!

From the architects, “The transformation of the Noosa River House started with an ’80s palette of speculative brick and tile, large footprint house, built to the allowable setbacks.” Well, it’s come a long way indeed. Whether sitting on the patio or indoors, you feel sheltered by the architecture, yet exposed to nature all at once – a wonderful, warm aesthetic that embraces life on the river.
The upper level terrace enjoys vivid views and a sense of openness, thanks to the delicate wire balcony enclosures and the slatted roof that lets the sun spill through.
We love the connection with the trees – up here, you’re floating among the leafy canopy, and wrapped in natural timber.
Interiors are an artful balance between voids and volumes, creating amazing double height living areas and an amazing free-flow of light. “Clean white planes with the warmth of natural timber frame the contemporary backdrop for fine furniture, art and relaxed river living,” according to Bark Design Architects.
This open concept home still has clearly defined living areas, thanks to the rising and falling ceilings, solid walls versus glass, and the way the windows frame different snapshots of the outdoors.
The kitchen embraces nature in all its glory, from the massive slab stone countertop and the warm wood cabinetry, to the window with a wide, horizontal swing.
Continue through the kitchen and you’ll find yourself back outside again, in an alfresco dining area assessed through a sliding glass wall. We’re simply torn between indoors and outdoors – impossible to choose a favorite, each wonderful in its own way and a flawless complement to its counterpart.
Clerestory windows let fresh air and sunlight spill in at every level without completely compromising privacy – although once you look outside, you’ll quickly learn that there aren’t many eye peering in. This private waterfront location is the perfect place for a glass house!
Bark Design Architects
photo credit: Christopher Frederick Jones


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