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Telescopic Kitchen Pull Out Faucet by Kludi – L-ine

If you’re looking for something ultra-modern yet understated, check out this contemporary, telescopic kitchen pull-out faucet by Kludi. The L-ine kitchen mixer boasts a horizontally shifting telescopic spout which gives it its distinctive look and most-memorable culinary experience. You’ll love the pull-out feature, which essentially brings the water to you. And the 220-degree swiveling in the telescopic faucet is ideal for filling oversized cooking pots and in awkward or tight spaces. Add to this the flexible pull-out hose, and the water is literally at your fingertips, wherever you are! When you just want to simplify the look and function of your kitchen, the extendable portion of the faucet is totally removable. Check it out at Kludi.



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