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Tatami Shower Brick – shower drain replacement

“One trend that seemed to reappear the use of alternative shower floors that eliminated the ugly looking hair gathering shower drain. In particular is a system offered in the United States by Lacava Design called Tatami Brick.
The ceramic bricks are set in a plastic resin shower tray that recesses into the floor. The pan is made in four lengths to fit configurations of 2,3,4,5 Tatami Brick. The pan is equipped with a 2” shower drain. The white ceramic bricks snap into a molded post in the pan to keep the brick properly spaced. The ridged channels feel great on you feet and they channel water away keeping the top ridges dry and slip resistant. Bricks are easily removed when necessary for cleaning. The entire system is manufactured by Ceramical Flaminia in Italy and imported by Lacava Design.”
Thanks, Gregory Trecartin, a Decorative Hardware & Bath Consultant at Farreys Lighting and Bath, North Miami, Florida



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