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TableConnect 60-Inch Multitouch Design Table

TableConnect-60-Inch-Multitouch-Design Table-Main-View.jpg
In late 2011, a group of Austrian visual designers and animators briefly fooled the internet with a well-faked viral video of a 58″ table made to recreate the screen of an iOS device on a much larger scale, gaining interest from national media and large corporations before revealing that the table they “designed” was simply a regular conference table and some video editing trickery. However, the interest in the table was so significant that some of the video’s creators have spent the past year and a half designing the real thing: an ultramodern tabletop with a multitouch display that derives its operations directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.
The group has produced a working prototype of their 60″ offering, seen in these photographs, as well as a 32″ proof-of-concept. Both designs have an innovative table leg structure which allows them to be used in an upright position as well as the typical sitting stance. The product is intended for corporate offices and retail centers, as well as a centerpiece in the living rooms of the homes. With sleek, technological style, the TableConnect is sure to stun in any setting. The team is currently seeking funding on IndieGoGo, with a goal of €45,000 to further develop prototypes and make their software Android-compatible. What started out as a practical joke is now becoming a high-tech reality, destined for modern homes and workplaces the world over.
You can help them to get it into production at TableConnect at IndieGoGo

TableConnect-60-Inch-Multitouch-Design Table-Standing.jpg
TableConnect-60-Inch-Multitouch-Design Table-iPhone.jpg
TableConnect-60-Inch-Multitouch-Design Table-iPad.jpg
TableConnect-60-Inch-Multitouch-Design Table-Legs.jpg


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