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Sydney Stone Homes: Stunning Valley View House

This Sydney stone home on Balmoral Beach offers the perfect blend of privacy and views – which are simply spectacular. Situated on an irregular-shaped lot, on a slope no less, the house plan involved some creativity to turn these obstacles into attributes. Designed by Australian architects Ian Moore Architects, the house features two volumes of varying heights, responding to the natural lay of the land. Tucked between them, a bridge leads to a private but prominent entranceway, inviting you in. The stone house is finished with Basalt and from the street, appears largely closed off. Beyond the door-less openings of these stone walls, contemporary interiors beg to be explored with minimalist interiors and abundant natural light. And just as you make your way in do you find yourself surrounded by the outdoors once again – his outdoor living house plan puts the great outdoors right at your fingertips, with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls that open onto nature. The glass facades were saved for the back of the home, privately overlooking the valley and the far-off horizon. Ian Moore Architects
via Arch Daily
photo credit: Rocket Mattler



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