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Sustainable Architecture in Japan – a greenhouse for a house!

Finally, a greenhouse which can also accommodate people: the Camouflage House. Why should we continue considering that greenhouses are suitable only for plants? It’s not the case anymore. This house by Hiroshi Iguchi is part of the Fifth World project which aims to promote eco friendly, sustainable architecture. The house takes natural elements and blends them all into the design of the interior. Warm, natural materials are used. Wood for the floors, light, traditional Japanese panels for compartments and white canvas to protect the interior from excessive heat. Even more, some of the trees were literally incorporated into the house, by letting them grow up to the sky in between the walls of the house. The rooms just go around them, surrounding all four sides and making themselves one with the green environment. Living close to the heart of nature was never so well understood and put into practice. A Camouflage House by Hiroshi Iguchi? Yes, please!
Photo credit: Alessio Guarino
via What we do is secret

Wow … Even I would want to live in a house like this! You have a place to sleep, you have a kitchen, and the rest is nature – it’s beautiful 😉


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