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Sustainable and Stylish CO2 Saver House in Poland

Architect Peter Kuczia
The CO2 Saver house by architect Peter Kuczia (Piotr Kuczia) is a prime example of stylish sustainable modern design, mingling in a fully functional home. Built on Laka Lake in the south of Poland, this eco-friendly house uses just 10 per cent of the energy used by a typical home in Poland. Designed to maximize solar energy, the house boasts a facade of timber – left as nature intended, untreated, apart from some softly tinted yellow and orange planks that reflect the coloring of the local landscape. This innovative design looks cool, but it’s also really hot, designed to make the most of solar energy. Approximately 80 per cent of the building envelope faces south to ease sun absorption and reduce the amount of active heating. But that’s not the only way this innovative design caves CO2, as its name suggests. The CO2 Saver House features a charcoal-colored fiber cement in the central structure, and interiors incorporate concrete flooring and a high thermal mass. Topping it off you’ll find two green roofs on either side of a “black box” – a three storey structure clad in charcoal colored-fiber cement to reduce heat loss. Peter Kuczia
via Inhabitant



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